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[Picts]Lee Teuk 'Super Junior' on Singles Magazine

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Kim Hyun Jung is the 3rd Best Korean Movie Star

Have you ever wondered who the 10 best Korean movie stars might be? Some Korean actors are known only in their country, and some are huge stars all around the world. Here is a list of the best Korean movie stars and some of their work.

1. Song Seung-heon. The strikingly handsome Song is a model turned actor. Song became popular when he joined the cast of the Korean sitcom “Three men, Three women.” He became a star after joining the cast of “Autumn Story,” the Korean drama that was exported all over Asia. He has also appeared in the movies, “The Invincible,” and “Ice Rain.”

2. Kim Tae-hee. Kim is a South Korean actress who rose to stardom as an evil step sister on the popular SBS TV series “Stairway to Heaven”. She has appeared in four movies to date, and was awarded the Deajong Film Awards, Overseas Popularity Award-Female for her role in the 2007 movie, “The Restless.”

3. Kim Hyun Joong. Joong first appeared on TV in 2006. Kim became popular after joining the cast of the MBC reality show “We got Married,” in 2008. He is also a member of the Korean boy band SS501.

4. Kwon Sang-woo. Kwon has been acting for four short years, and he is already a star. Woo began his career in the Korean movie “Volcano High,” and went on to star in the TV drama, “Stairs to Heaven,” which was exported all over Asia.

5. Min Hyo Rin. Min is a singer, model, and actress. She is know for her role in the Mnet TV show “The Korean Olsen Twins,” which aired in 2008, she also appears in the TV drama, “Triple.” Min’s birth name is Jung Eun Ran.

6. Bae Yong-joon. Bae began his career after graduating from Sung kyung kwan University. Bae went on to star in TV dramas such as “Salut D Amour,” and “Six Steps to Separation.” He has appeared in five movies to date, but gained international stardom for his dramatic role in the Korean TV series “Winter Sonata.”

7. So Ji-sub. So is a model turned actor. He got his big break playing a gangster in the 2002 Korean movie, “Glass Slippers.” So went on to win numerous SBS and KBS Drama Awards for his role in the popular TV show, “I’m Sorry I love You.” He is currently the star of the TV drama “Cain and Abel.”

8. Song Hye-kyo. The beautiful Song was the star of the 2005 Korean movie, “My girl and I.” She is popular within many Asian countries, and has also appeared in the TV dramas, “Autumn Fairytale,” and “Hotelier.”

9. Yoon Eun-hye. Yoon was deemed one of the hottest stars of 2006, she went on to star in the movie “Escaping Charisma.” She is also the star of the Korean TV show “Goong.” Yoon was a singer before becoming a film and TV star, she has no formal training as an actress.

10. Jeon Ji-hyeon. Jeon was a popular model and TV actress before making her film debut in “White Valentine,” in 1999. She achieved star status after her lead role in the 2001 romantic comedy “My sassy Girl”, which was a hit throughout Asia. In 2009 Jeon appeared in the lead role of the international co-produced Hollywood movie, “Blood: The Last Vampire.”

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SNSD(Get ready for a taxi ride to Japan!)

So, the much awaited 3rd Japanese Single is coming our way after all. Rumors started to surface since a week ago that the girls 3rd Japanese Single entitled ‘Mr. Taxi’ will be released on April 13th and ‘Mr. Taxi’ is also rumored to be the  CM/CF song for Lipton Tea. It seems that the rumor about the 3rd single ‘Mr. Taxi’ is coming true as the jacket image for the Limited Edition was revealed and widely shared on various sites.
SONEs are definitely in for a ride as the girls will also be having their first nationwide tour in Japan in May. ‘The 1st Japan Arena Tour’ will kick off starting May 18th in Tokyo, followed by Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. There will be a total of 7 concerts in this tour and looks like Yuri’s dream to have a nationwide tour in Japan is coming true as well. In fact, Yuri had mentioned a couple of times on TV shows that she wanted to perform in various places in Japan together with the girls. Perhaps, she was hinting about the tour all this while.
So, what are we waiting for? Get ready to pay the taxi fare, i guess!
Update 1: First Press Limited Edition jacket image and 1st Japan Arena Tour Schedule released
First Press Limited Edition jacket image:

1st Japan Arena Tour Schedule and Venue:
May 18th and 19th – Tokyo Yoyogi National Stadium (Capacity – 13,700)
May 21st and 22nd – Aichi„ÜćNagoya – Nippon Gaishi Hall (Capacity – 10,000)
May 24th and 25th – Osaka-jo Hall (Capacity – 16,000)
May 28th – Marinemesse Fukuoka (Capacity – 11,000)
Ticket reservation can be made starting March 11th.
UPDATE 2: ‘Run Devil Run/Mr.Taxi’ Album Details
Release Date: April 13th
Price: 1800 Yen (First Press Limited Edition), 1500 Yen (Limited Edition), 1100 Yen (Regular Edition)
Record Label: Nayutawave Records
1. Mr. Taxi
2. Run Devil Run
DVD Contents:
1. Run Devil Run MV (First Press Limited Edition and Limited Edition ONLY)
2. Run Devil Run (Dance Version) MV (First Press Limited Edition ONLY)
1. Photobook (For First Press Limited Edition and Limited Edition ONLY. For these two versions, the photobooks will be different).
2. Trading Card (First Press Limited Edition and Limited Edition ONLY).
UPDATE 3: Pre-order is now available!
The much awaited moment has arrived! You can now pre-order your copy of SNSD’s 3rd Japanese Single ‘Mr.Taxi HERE!

UPDATE 4: Postponement of 1st Japan Arena Tour
The scheduled 1st Japan Arena Tour concert dates have been revised and 3 additional concerts were added to the original schedule. The new revised schedule looks like this:
Osaka – May 31st and June 1st
Tokyo – June 17th and June 18th
Nagoya – July 6th and July 7th
Fukuoka – July 17th
The 3 newly added concerts are:
Saitama – June 4th and June 5th
Hiroshima – July 2nd

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[Picts] Seohyun SNSD in Mr.Taxi Mv

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Lee Min Ho and Park Min Yeong kiss in club

SBS new drama "City Hunter" lead male and female acts Lee Min-ho and Park Min-yeong had a wild kiss.
He is an MIT doctorate agent in the Blue House National Communications Team Lee Yoon-seong and she is the Blue House bodyguard and former Judo player Kim Na-na in "City Hunter" (written by Hwang Eun-kyeong, Choi Soo-jin and produced by Jin Hyeok) coming this May 25th.

These two shared a hot kiss in a club in Gangnam, Seoul on the 19th. Known as the 'chauffeur kiss', this scene is where Lee Yoon-seong pretends to be a couple with Kim Na-na in order to carry out an operation as a "City Hunter". Kim Na-na enters the club to guard the president's daughter Da-hye (Goo Ha-ra) as a bodyguard of the Blue House and gets kissed by Lee Min-ho without knowing what's going on.

However, before they met in the club, they had once met as a passenger and a chauffeur. For this reason Lee Yoon-seong kisses Kim Na-na and looks satisfied telling her it's a 'chauffeur kiss'.

Because it's a sudden kiss set-up, Lee Min-ho kissed Park Min-yeong wildly and energetically. It was a short and strong kiss but the shooting time was an hour and a half. The shoot had to be done in various angles in a small area but the two standing under the fancy lights made the scene look like a picture and even the staff held back their breaths.

The "City Hunter" productions said, "This kiss scene could be a turning point for these two and it's important. The pretty and handsome couple worked perfectly together and the shooting went on well".
Meanwhile, new SBS drama "City Hunter" is based on a Japanese hit comic and will be start airing this May 25th after "49 Days".

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[Picts]Jonghyun C.N.Blue

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CNBLUE’s Jung Shin and A Pink’s Nam Joo look like siblings

On April 26th, A Pink’s official Twitter posted a picture of member Kim Nam Joo and CNBLUE’s Jung Shin.
They tweeted, “The truth behind A Pink’s ‘Music Core‘ debut day. New girl group member ‘K’ is actually Jung Shin’s little sister?!!! Beautiful looks!! Do you think they look alike?”
Taken backstage of MBC’s waiting room, the two can be seen posing with victory signs. Surprisingly, netizens felt that their close resemblance made them look like siblings.
Netizens commented, “They look totally alike!”, “They look close, have they always known each other?”, and “Could be his sister.” 

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Jang Geun Suk & Moon Geun Young @ Press Conference – Japan (April 26, 2011)

Sandara 2NE1 at The Nikon Booth


[Picts]Supernova Geonil and T-ara Eunjung on the set of 'King Geunchogo'

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CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa and Jin Woon appeared in Sejong university!

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Super Junior Bonamana Japan version

Today it was announced that SUPER JUNIOR will make their first appearance in a Japanese commercial and that they’re releasing a Japanese version of “BONAMANA” in June.
Their commercial will be for the popular convenience store chain “Circle K Sunkus”. The members will promote the chain’s “South Korea Fair” that will be held in all stores from May 17th to June 13th. During that time you will be able to purchase various special products such as onigiri filled with bulgogi and other Korean dishes. The commercial starts airing on the 17th.
Super Junior’s japanese version of their hit “Bonamana”, “Bijin” will be the theme song for the commercial. That will also become the first Japanese single that is going to become available in digital form on May 18. The CD release is on June 8th.
It is said that the recording with the Japanese lyrics back in March wasn’t much of a problem for the members and the commercial, that was already filmed in February, was almost done in one take, proving the professionalism and versatility of the group.
Super Junior commented, “We hope that you will get to know as a bit more through our appearance in the commercial and our song ‘Bijin (BONAMANA)’.”
The group is also going to participate in the “The 4th K-Pop Super Live” concert in Chiba on May 15th.

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[Picts]Lee Min Ho In Thailand for Shooting 'City Hunter'

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See what’s inside Super Junior’s Binji Album!

Manila, Philippines – As been reported recently, Super Junior will be releasing a Japanese version of their Korean single, “Bonamana” known as “Binji”.  The picture above contains the different promotional pictures of the members for their upcoming Japanese single.  The single will have several versions: 1) CD+DVD; 2) CD only; 3) CD+DVD Limited Edition & 4) CD only Limited Edition.
For the CD+DVD:
· CD
1. Beautiful (BONAMANA) Japanese Version
2. Beauty (BONAMANA) Korean Version
3. Beauty (BONAMANA)-Less Vocal-
1. Beautiful (BONAMANA) Live Version @ Yokohama Arena in JAPAN
2. Beauty (BONAMANA) Korean Version Music Video
3. Circle K Shooting Sketch thanks CM
For the CD only:
· CD
1. Beautiful (BONAMANA) Japanese Version
2. Beauty (BONAMANA) Korean Version
3. Beauty (BONAMANA)-Less Vocal-
For the Limited Editions:
· CD
1. Beautiful (BONAMANA) Japanese Version
2. Beauty (BONAMANA) Korean Version
3. Beauty (BONAMANA)-Less Vocal-
1. Beautiful (BONAMANA) Live Version @ Yokohama Arena in JAPAN
2. Beauty (BONAMANA) Korean Version Music Video
3. Circle K Shooting Sketch thanks CM
※ Limited Edition Benefits
Jacket – sealed (encapsulated in a single random from 11 species)
· JK 8P booklet
CD Only
[CD only]
· CD
1. Beautiful (BONAMANA) Japanese Version
2. Beauty (BONAMANA) Korean Version
3. Beauty (BONAMANA)-Less Vocal-
※ CD-Extra
1. Beautiful (BONAMANA) Japanese Ver. JK Shooting Sketch
※ Limited Edition Benefits
Jacket – sealed (encapsulated in a single random from 11 species)
- Members sign (print) – Japanese shout
Mini Posters Japanese lyrics sing along with a message

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Written by Eunice Faye Tresvalles / Associate Writer

[Picts]SHINee unveiled concept photos for Japanese debut