Thursday, March 17, 2011

CNBLUE Releases Teaser Photos

CNBLUE released the last component of their three-part teaser set: a collection of hot new teaser photos. After multiple album release postponements and the releases two phenomenal music video teasers for their song "First Step," CNBLUE has released to their fans a quick glimpse of the members' new looks and styles.

CNBLUE will be releasing their first album on the 21st. On this day they will also be having a guerilla performance to give their fans the first taste of their newest releases. The time and location of the performance will remained undisclosed.

FNC Music also announced more exciting news recently. Fans have had an explosive response to the teasers and have made 100,000 pre-orders for "First Step."

It looks like there's going to be a second "BLUE" wave in K-pop starting this 21st.

C.N. BLUE merilis bagian terakhir pada teaser "First Step" mereka,lebih tepatnya part ke-3 pada teaser mereka...
C.N. BLUE akan merilis teaser mereka pada tanggal 21 Maret 2011...
dan FNC Musik juga mengumumkan berita lebih menarik baru-baru ini,bahwa fans2 C.N.BLUE telah mem pre-order 100000 teaser mereka,sebelum teaser mereka dirilis....

gimana kalo udah di rilis?blum di rilis aja udah segitu.....

Source : Nate News
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