Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2AM’s Changmin’s goal is cleaning

Manila, Philippines – 2AM’s member, Changmin tweeted a picture of himself in his room wearing a black tank top and a banda as he ready himself for cleaning his messy room.

Original Message: “오늘은 검은 민소매다 +_+!!ㅋ내 기필코 오늘은 모두 치워주마 내 방이여!!!!!! 목표는 언능 치우고 일요일밤을 즐기리!!ㅋ 영화나 볼까?”

Translation: Black tank top today +_+!!ㅋ Today, my room will get cleaned for sure!!!!!! My goal is to hurry getting it cleaned and enjoy Sunday night!!ㅋ Should I go to the movies?

Source: For original message and photo: 2AM’s Changmin’s official twitter account; For translation: onedayislove@tumblr.com
Written by Eunice Faye Tresvalles / Associate Writer.


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