Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Yeong kiss in club

SBS new drama "City Hunter" lead male and female acts Lee Min-ho and Park Min-yeong had a wild kiss.
He is an MIT doctorate agent in the Blue House National Communications Team Lee Yoon-seong and she is the Blue House bodyguard and former Judo player Kim Na-na in "City Hunter" (written by Hwang Eun-kyeong, Choi Soo-jin and produced by Jin Hyeok) coming this May 25th.

These two shared a hot kiss in a club in Gangnam, Seoul on the 19th. Known as the 'chauffeur kiss', this scene is where Lee Yoon-seong pretends to be a couple with Kim Na-na in order to carry out an operation as a "City Hunter". Kim Na-na enters the club to guard the president's daughter Da-hye (Goo Ha-ra) as a bodyguard of the Blue House and gets kissed by Lee Min-ho without knowing what's going on.

However, before they met in the club, they had once met as a passenger and a chauffeur. For this reason Lee Yoon-seong kisses Kim Na-na and looks satisfied telling her it's a 'chauffeur kiss'.

Because it's a sudden kiss set-up, Lee Min-ho kissed Park Min-yeong wildly and energetically. It was a short and strong kiss but the shooting time was an hour and a half. The shoot had to be done in various angles in a small area but the two standing under the fancy lights made the scene look like a picture and even the staff held back their breaths.

The "City Hunter" productions said, "This kiss scene could be a turning point for these two and it's important. The pretty and handsome couple worked perfectly together and the shooting went on well".
Meanwhile, new SBS drama "City Hunter" is based on a Japanese hit comic and will be start airing this May 25th after "49 Days".

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